My name is Valerie Landis. For my 33rd birthday as a gift to myself, I finally crossed egg freezing off my bucket list and retrieved 22 beautiful eggs that resulted in 17 successfully frozen via vitrification (fast-freezing) in 2015.

It was an empowering experience that I am thankful to be given the opportunity to do. I always knew I would freeze my eggs someday, it was just a matter of when. If I had been born ten years earlier, this amazing technology of vitrification or the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) lifting their “experimental” label for egg freezing may not have been an option to have taken advantage of, so I wanted to utilize the technology while I was still young enough to benefit the most from egg freezing.

After being in the medical field for over a decade and I have extensive work history in women’s health, egg freezing, IVF, fertility, and most recently oncology research. I was astounded by the lack of educational resources available for women.

I struggled to find educational examples, what to expect, or what the emotional roller coaster would feel like.

I found it challenging to learn about other women’s experiences (not sensationalized by the news) who talked openly and honestly about their egg freezing journey. When I did find personal stories, I was encouraged and relieved to learn they experienced similar symptoms and side effects I had also experienced.

I wanted to create a “Girlfriend’s Guide” or “Egg Freezing For Dummies“ or rather “For Smarties” out there to refer to.

Thus the idea of Eggsperience was born. I realized after going through the procedure myself what I wanted to read, hear, see, and learn about. I figured if I wanted to learn about those things, you might too. I wanted to create something to help women feel brave, to act progressively on these fertility decisions, and provide non-bias resources for the purpose of education at any reproductive age. Even being educated in the field of fertility, I didn’t know until I became a patient myself, what the true effects of injecting myself with hormones would feel like or how it would impact the way I think and feel. Now you can learn from not only my experience but the experience of countless others to be inspired to take control of your future today. I also co-host and created Eggology Club Podcast to explore new pathways to parenthood.

Please tell your friends who may be thinking about or are struggling with this topic. Read, explore, and come join the ride as we learn from each other. Let me know what you think, I can’t wait to hear from you!

If you are thinking about preserving your fertility by egg freezing and have any queries on this at all, why not drop a line to the wonderful Valerie Landis. All you need to do is send an email to and add her name into the subject box.

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