Co-parenting is a term used to describe the joint raising of a child by people not in a relationship with each other.

Typically, co-parenting is a result of the biological mother and father either divorcing or separating, but through their shared priority of the kids best interests, decide to bring them up together.

For those not in a non conventional relationship, co-parenting is an option for those who want to play a part in the upbringing of a child. It offers a chance to be a mother or father for a single person, a donor or surrogate, those in a gay partnership, or perhaps for those who have left it too late by perhaps spending their fertile years focusing on furthering a career.

The internet is becoming a very common way of finding a like-minded person to share the responsibility of co-parenting with.

Many sites have been developed purely for this purpose, some of which we have listed below:






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