Ruth Davidson has announced she is expecting her first child with her partner, Jen Wilson after undergoing IVF treatment  

The Scottish Conservative leader said the couple were ‘overjoyed to be starting a family together’.

The 39-year-old announced the news on her Twitter page in a joint statement and reassured her constituents that she had no intention of standing down or leaving her position as opposition leader.

She said: “Jen and I are incredibly lucky in the support we have received from our friends and family over the past few months – and we know we can rely on them in the coming months and years to come. We have always dreamed of starting a family and are so pleased to share our news.”

She spoke of the pregnancy on Scottish television and confirmed she was due in the Autumn.

Talking about IVF, she said: “I think for lots of couples in Scotland that do opt for that route – there are ups and downs but we are just delighted it has been successful.”

The Central Edinburgh MSP said she had experienced some morning sickness, dizzy spells and a little fatigue, but other than that she said she felt fine.

She also hoped her announcement could help to underline that it is normal for same-sex couples to have children.

“I think it’s important that people realise that this happens and it’s normal. Hopefully this takes some of the taboo or mystery away from it,” she said.

She plans to take maternity leave after the birth and return to political office in Spring 2019.





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