IVF Babble is delighted to welcome one of our fantastic free IVF offer sponsors, the VivaNeo Group to our community. Here is all you need to know about the wonderful IVF experts and work that is being done in Europe’s largest fertility group.

The incredible Danish fertility pioneer, Karsten Petersen, is the medical director of Ciconia VivaNeo Fertility Clinic, in Aarhus, Denmark which started life as a small private fertility clinic, in fact the first established outside Copenhagen.

Karsten has helped create more than 15,000 children since his career began in 1972

In 1994 Karsten became the co-owner of the Ciconia Fertility Clinic when it opened a clinic in Aarhus and in 2003, took over the entire company.

In 2016, Ciconia became part of the VivaNeo Group, a fertility chain of 15 clinics across Europe, sharing knowledge and experiences. With the sister clinics VivaNeo Copenhagen and StorkKlinik in Copenhagen, Ciconia is now part of the first Danish chain of fertility clinics.

Knowledge, experience and constant drive for development and research

Karsten is constantly exploring how to help the childless and expand treatment options. He has initiated research into stem cells, has formed Danish Fertility Association and the National Association for Involuntary Childless and has co-authored about 75 scientific works. He has also been a member of the boards of several Danish and international fertility organisations, among others – the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

Becoming part of a European fertility family

The VivaNeo Group consists of well-known and experienced physicians and embryologists and as part of the VivaNeo Group, women and couples benefit from the intensive exchange of knowledge between the clinics. With currently more than 70 physicians and 40 biologists in the group, we support approximately 25,000 patients each year in four countries, on their way to become a family.

The focus is on the needs of the individual. Based on comprehensive counselling, diagnostics and guidance we find the treatment that is most promising for the women or couples.

State-of-the-art technology

Using state-of-the-art technology and treatment to the highest international standards, we maximize the chances of having a baby.  We use Time Lapse technology to better control embryo growth in all our clinics. Genetic screening is also pioneered to minimise the risk of genetic disorders.

Through the liberal laws in Denmark Ciconia VivaNeo, VivaNeo Copenhagen and StorkKlinik in Copenhagen has more than 20 years of experience in treating single people and lesbians.

In 1997 a law in Denmark prohibited doctors to treat singles and lesbians

A midwife named Nina Stork therefore opened a private clinic where she offered insemination for singles and lesbians. Women has since then travelled to Aarhus and Copenhagen for treatment.

Today the clinics in Aarhus and Copenhagen offers all kinds of modern fertility treatment; Insemination, IVF, ICSI, TESA, treatment in full anesthesia, scanning, midwife consultations and supporting conversations on nutrition and the psychological aspects of going through fertility treatment.

We are experts in guidance of using donor sperm and have access to, and collaboration with, two of the world’s largest sperm banks. We are highly experienced in guiding women and couples whether they come to us as hetero couples, singles, as a lesbian couple, transgender relationships or agreed parenthood. The important thing for us, is that the individual feels that the treatment plan we agree upon gives them comfort and that they trust we can help them create a family.

Every year we host an event, where we invite families to join us for an afternoon in Denmark. We know how important it is for families and children to discuss their heritage, meet children who have come into the world through donor sperm or with help from an egg donor. It is a life-affirming day for both VivaNeo staff and the more than 150 families how participated this year.

Passion for babies

We have a passion for creating babies and therefore we take pride in participating in any giveaway, that will help women and couples create the family they wish for.

Working with IVF Babble we are able to deliver our message

Being able to help women and couples in Denmark, through the liberal laws, is a privilege and we want to make sure that everyone around the globe know that we are here to offer our assistance, support, guidance and treatments.

To contact the wonderful Karsten Petersen’s Ciconia VivaNeo clinic, click here for more information

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