Donor Sperm

For many couples with infertility, there can be a problem with the sperm – it may be faulty or there is not enough of it. So donated sperm is used instead for IVF. Or the decision to use it may be down to a lifestyle choice.

Why choose this path?

Donor sperm allows single women to become pregnant, or couples with male infertility, or anyone affected by genetic disease. It gives same-sex couples a range of ways to become parents.

How IVF works with donor sperm

The safest and most reliable way of obtaining sperm from a donor is via a reputable licensed clinic

In the UK, clinics are inspected and regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)

Once the donor is found, the intended mother will follow the 10 stages of IVF

On the day of egg collection, the donor sperm will be thawed and fertilised with the eggs.


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