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IVF babble is an exciting and revolutionary online magazine. A magazine for both women and men, bringing you the latest global fertility news.

In each issue of IVF babble online magazine, you will find:

  • Weekly updates
  • Latest IVF breakthrough news
  • Thought-provoking features
  • The latest celebrity fertility gossip
  • Top tips on nutrition, health, fitness and products to boost your chances
  • Global fertility news
  • Invaluable advice from the world’s experts
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Breaking the mould by creating the ultimate IVF and surrogacy resource in a contemporary and stylish online magazine format, IVF babble’s truly unique features makes it an unmissable read for those going through or considering fertility treatment.

IVF was once a controversial and revolutionary treatment for the few, helping couples with infertility to have a child of their own. Today, it is increasing significantly year on year and there is no such thing as a stereotype of a typical IVF patient.

IVF babble strives to reflect this ever-changing diversity. Straight couples, same sex couples, singles, people with genetic disorders, serious illnesses and those who wish to preserve their fertility are all turning to IVF to help them achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Things that were once cultural norms are changing
There are those who are now wanting to preserve their fertility as they haven’t met the right partner or just not ready to start a family. Others where their career is the priority for now. In fact companies such as Facebook, Apple and Yahoo, in an effort to retain and attract talent, now offer egg freezing for female employees. Facebook, it is reported, also offers surrogacy assistance and “a host of other fertility services for male and female employees”.

We’re also living longer and people are generally deciding to have children much later than previous generations.

We are reaching women and men globally and empowering them with knowledge and guiding them to make the right fertility choices. To make them realise that with 1 in 6 people globally suffering from fertility issues, they are not alone.

IVF has increased exponentially over the past 39 years since Louise Brown, the first IVF baby, was born. There are now over 6.5 million IVF babies and over half of those born in the past 9 years.

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